Ronald Davis
Born 1937

300 Reverse Z
  • 0753
  • TITLE: 300 Reverse Z
  • SIZE: 141″ x 51.75″
  • MEDIUM: Polyester resin and fiberglass
  • YEAR: 1971

Born in Santa Monica, California, June 29,1937, he studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute and began painting abstract expressionist works. Davis was a Yale-Norfolk Summer School of Music and Art grantee in 1962 and a National Endowment of the Arts grantee in 1968.

Davis’ impressive career is punctuated with innovative work in a number of mediums. He made geometric shaped illusionist paintings using colored polyester resins and fiberglass from 1966 to 1972. His creative genius was utilized from the design and construction of numerous architectural studios, structures and residences collaborating with architect Frank Gehry, architect Dennis Holloway,and anthropologist Charley Cambridge; and sound sculpture and electronic music composition through the use of a Buchla synthesizer to 3-D rendering, digital painting, and giclee computer printing.

Source: www.askart.com