David Teachout

  • TITLE: Marking – 9
  • SIZE: 22.5″ X 30″
  • MEDIUM: Watercolor and Acrylic
  • SIGNED: Yes

Marking – 13

Unborn UnDying – 1

Unborn Dying – 7

David Teachout born in  (1933-    ) L.A California.

It  was after a return from the service in the late 1950’s and within the context of studying for a degree in landscape architecture that David Teachout began his formal development as a painter.  First in his native California and then in North Carolina where he completed his degree and had begun to teach Teachout rediscovered the impulse to create that had lain dormant since childhood.  Abandoning university teaching and work in established design offices in 1964 he moved with his young family to Santa Cruz California in order to devote himself to painting and work as an independent environmental designer.

Teachout began painting as an abstract expressionist.  Discovering early on a high interest in color textures and gestures quickly gave way to color fields and simple compositions which allowed color to be the prime element of expression.  The importance of color led him to make distinctions in which contrast existed only because of color differences.  He began to see color as form. Simple shapes began to break off edges and eventually become shapes composed of bands of color interacting with each other and their ground.  These bands became the object and were curved and linked at the ends into continuous bands of color.  The paintings grew larger.   During this early phase of painting he progressed from using primed canvas to using unprimed canvas stained with acrylics.

In 1971 he began the Falling Series experimenting with un-stretched and stretched canvas which was hung shaped and folded in preparation for the poured paint.  The sense of duration occurs in some of these works.  Color relationships were approached with greater abandon and resulted in higher contrasts.  These works range from 6′ to 12′ in height and are meant to be stretched in their final form.

In the early 1980’s Teachout began a series of small works on paper utilizing views out of his studio windows as starting points for abstraction.  Simultaneously he was drawing from the figure.  The works on paper evolved during the 1980’s into a fully developed ‘Santa Cruz’ series of paintings.  Always the movement was toward abstraction with the later paintings in the series entirely self referential.  Various spacial and structural notions emerged in this series.  For example diagonals which appeared rather unconsciously in earlier works were given later in the series conscious consideration by crossing the diagonals as primary definitions of squares.

This process evolved through the X figure and in Santa Cruz’ #27 & #28 was transcended to become an upper and lower relationship of the diagonals leading to solid/void and ground/sky associations.  These spacial and structural considerations were always done within the larger context of color relationships as the primary concern of he painter.  The very subtle color effects the transparencies and the evidence of process are qualities available to the viewer in the presence of the paintings and can only be hinted at in reproductions.  Many of the ‘Santa Cruz’ series have been exhibited in non-commercial exhibitions  in California.  ‘Santa Cruz’ #15 is included in the growing collection of Teachout’s at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Selected Painting Exhibitions
Santa  Cruz Invitational Smith Gallery UCSC Feb-Mar 1989.
California State University Hayward Solo Exhibition Nov-Dec 1987,
CBS Movie “Necessity” Painting for living room Nov 1987,
Occidental College Centennial Exhibition Los Angeles CA Jan-Feb 1987,
Santa Cruz Art Center Santa Cruz CA Solo Exhibition Sept 1985,
“Unframed Art–an Exhibit of Paintings” The College of Marin Art Gallery Kentfield CA FEB-MAR 1975,
Occidental College Los Angeles A Solo Exhibition Jan-Feb 1975,
Cooperhouse Gallery Santa Cruz CA Solo Exhibition July-Aug 1974,
Place/Allrich Gallery San Francisco CA exhibiting member 1973,
Cabrillo Music Festival Cabrillo College Aptos CA Aug 1972,
“Real Colorists” Richmond Art Center Richmond CA June 1969,
Galeria Carl Van der Voort San Francisco CA exhibiting member 1967-69
Solo Exhibition Jan 1969, Laguna Beach Museum of Art Laguna Beach CA 14th Annual Exhibit 1968,
University of California Santa Cruz Solo Exhibition Jan 1968,
30th Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting The Corcoran Gallery of Art Washington DC 1967
(Selected for the American Federation of Arts Traveling Exhibition 1967-68)
James D Phelan Awards Palace of the Legion of Honor San Francisco CA 1965 & 1967,
85th Annual Exhibition of the San Francisco Art Institute of the San Francisco Museum of Art 1966,
Cabrillo College Aptos CA Solo Exhibition Oct 1966,
15th Painting Annual Richmond Art Center Richmond CA 1966,
Cupola Gallery Santa Cruz CA exhibiting member 1965-66
Solo Exhibition April 1966, North Carolina Artists’ Annual Exhibition North Carolina Museum of Art Raleigh NC 1963,
Private Collections in California and New Mexico and East Coast, Included in the Art Review 1989.

Paintings by David Teachout are part of the Farhat Art Museum Collection in Beirut, Lebanon.

Submitted by Naim I. Farhat


Source: www.askart.com